b i o g r a p h y





"I'm in love with creating Harmony and Balance for everyone and all spaces."  ~ r dRA




Rhonna, received her Bachelor of Architecture degree from California Polytechnic State University Pomona in 2001 as one of the top architecture students in her class. She initiated her career in Architecture working for the world renowned Architect Richard Meier.


Moving forward in 2004, she discovered Feng Shui through books and her desire to improve her environment and well-being became the stepping stone for her desire to merge her design career with  Feng Shui philosophy.   Prior to becoming a Certified Feng Shui Professional,  Rhonna became an Adjunct Professor at FIDM in 2006 (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandize) under the Interior Design Department.


Rhonna worked on various design projects and continue to learn the Art and Philosophy of Feng Shui. As a designer, Rhonna creates  Harmony and Balance in all spaces using her education background in architecture , space planning and Modern Feng Shui principle. She looks for perceptive, poetic, and innovative solutions; her goal is not to be different but to introduce her work as timeless. She often speaks of her design through experiential manner from the point of view of the user. Rhonna del Rio-Ascolese is always reinventing herself while keeping her poetic language pure with the desire to create a space complete with Harmony and Balance  for all her clients.



Today, as an empowered single mother and passionate yogini, Rhonna continues on her new creative expression, exploring Art through her yoga practice.  Inspired with her journey through how many lives Yoga and Art have touched including healing patients, she is actively pursuing this new creative and soulful call (As Yoga Vista's, Resident Artist read her story here.) while keeping her other professional services: Space design and Modern Feng Shui fully operational and accessible by her new and return clients.


She is staying true with re-inventing herself as a creative who is  always rooted and guided with passion from the heart.


Please visit www.yogaandartjourney.com to get a glimpse of her new creative endeavours.











"Versatility has enabled Rhonna to understand and produce at many scales, making her a most valuable and exemplary young architect. I recommend her without hesitation."  

~Richard Meier's Design Partner,

Michael Palladino, AIA


"Rhonna brings the intangibles and breaths life into her designs, her ability to create the "magic" in her work is what makes her architecture great. "

~Principal of GMA,  Gregg Maedo, AIA


“Having Rhonna in our CFSP- Certified Feng Shui Professional Training Program was a joy. She  brought insightful and resourceful dialogue to the group. I believe Rhonna’s career background in both residential and commercial Architecture gives her an exceptional advantage as a Feng Shui Consultant because she can truly offer her clients an added and valuable dimension to all of their design needs.“

~ James Jay – Teacher and Founder of Feng Shui Designs, Inc.


"Mrs. Ascolese is highly knowledgeable and has a positive attitude towards her students. She  relates knowledge to their everyday lives and is patient and encouraging.
She respects her students, and in return, they respect her.  The students were attentive and responsive and felt comfortable interacting with Mrs. Ascolese and asking her questions.  She has created a safe, relaxed learning environment."

~Cheryl Iannello
Education Coordinator , FIDM OC Campus




Bachelor of Architecture Graduate with High Honors (Concours d'Elegance)

Recipient of AIA (American Institute of Architects)

Design and Academic Award.  


Collaborator for International Renowned Firm, Richard Meier and Partners  with  projects including:

  • UCLA Broad Art Center
  • San Jose Civic Center
  • Crystal Cathedral Center for Possibility Thinking
  • Upcoming San Diego Courthouse


AIA Associate (American Institute of Architects)

CFSP (Certified Feng Shui Professional)