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“Welcome your CHI as You would your Breath”
by Rhonna del Rio-Ascolese on 

I had the honor recently of being invited as a guest blogger for a wonderful individual "This Little Lark".


"Rhonna del Rio-Ascolese, a Los Angeles- based Designer and Feng Shui Consultant, is someone I’ve had the great pleasure in connecting with. In this special guest post, she will share her story, as well as some helpful tips to start incorporating some Feng Shui techniques in your life. Being in harmony, especially in the home, is essential for unwinding, maintaining a balanced and peaceful mood, and creating energetic space for optimum productivity. After reading, you will most likely be motivated to start experimenting in your own space ! : ) Enjoy! " ~This Little Lark


One morning in 2004, I took down a book I had for two years with no intention of reading it.  It was titled “Western Guide to Feng Shui - Room By
Room" by Terah Kathryn Collins.  I received this book two years prior
as gift from my father after graduating from Architecture school. I
proceeded to read the first page, then the next, then the next and
soon the sun had gone down.  I could not put this book down! 

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Power of Our Words
by Rhonna del Rio-Ascolese on 

I was walking around my place tonight …just kickin' back ,
cleaning picking stuff up from the day’s run.  I was slightly bummed to
see one of the flowers on my desk looking a bit less inspired than the one next
to it. It was the “HMMMN, confused moment for me” I started to visit the others
tulips around the home…


These tulips all came from the same bunch that I bought last
Saturday at our local Farmers Market. All were the same when I bought it.
All were still only buds and were all looking cute healthy and ready to bloom!
I subdivided them to 3 areas of our home.


First group is on my desk surrounded
by some paper work ...in current to file (bills letters drawings) pile  no
clear inspiring words. The buds stayed as a bud with one drying up :(.




Second group is over our TV with the huge "Thank
You" words. The buds bloosomed  reaching for each other so WIDE open that one petal gracefully landed to the bottom still healthy off of the stem :).



Third group is by the front door with the Beautiful poem "The
Invitation" over it. same as the second group, all the buds blossomed so WIDE open.



I hope we surround ourselves with only the most beautiful words...in our thoughts and in our spaces.  It really does create our world.


"Power of Our Words" : October 2011

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What is Future City?
by Rhonna del Rio-Ascolese on 



Little Tokyo Design Week is one of the anticipated event this July 13 thru 17 here in Los Angeles. The question inspired by this event, “What is Future City?” is making architects, designers and same like minds imagine in all different directions.  I had the opportunity to answer this question in an interview or more so, ‘contemplate’ what this question hold for individual members of any City. 


So, what is Future City? My replies at first were trying to relate it to
Architecture, Urban planning, Going Green, etc…, but something felt somewhat voided or unnatural for me to only have been speaking in terms of  the physical form of this “Future City”. I believe that Future city is NOW and it is happening everyday!  It is happening thru the growing self awareness of everyone.  When we have this self awareness we can clearly see that everything can  become good,better or best!  The space that we are in is rehabilitated into the way we think.  Thru self awareness, the city will start to heal itself. When the city starts to heal itself, it naturally will provide the space for the essential elements to come back in and hearty daily kind of living will develop and grow everyday in the cities thru the people that live in them. What are these essential parts?  To me, the important parts of Future City is not solely made of things physically built by hands, they are also shaped by the qualities of how we see the space we are in.

I look forward to an excellent collaboration of like minds during the Little
Tokyo Design Week.  I anticipate great  learning and valuable experience with different realms and characterization of what a Future City is or could be.   www.ltdesignweek.com 


LTDW: Rhonna del Rio-Ascolese from LTDesignWeek on Vimeo.



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Breathing Awareness with Wendy J Yoga
by Rhonna del Rio-Ascolese on 




Meet my inspiring yoga teacher, Wendy Rhodes Garafalo of Wendy J Yoga!


Wendy’s class is something that I highly recommend for anyone who practices yoga already and want to experience new light and fresh perspective in the practice or those creating a curiosity about yoga and don’t know where or who to go to first?  If you want to be in a safe place for your yoga journey, I believe Wendy’s classes will give you a nurturing environment to explore who you are and chisel the body that you deserve! In just a few months, I realized I became toned in body areas that I didn't think was possible anymore after pregnancy.  However, for me, the physical aspect is only a bonus...I go to yoga because I become more aware of everything and nothing is taken for granted...therefore creating a gratitude for everything around me. 


Finding her and her classes was truly godsend.  In her classes, one can be blindfolded and still be able to do the poses.  Her vocal illustration during class shape or sculpt all poses in such an organic step by step detail. Wendy is able to carry her voice narrative of all the poses over to each student in class like a pair of hands adjusting each of us all the same time. She creates a safe haven in her classes where mind and body move dynamically in sync.  Wendy seamlessly merges breathing with all the poses with intent and as a result it had made me aware of my own breathing on and off the yoga mat…what better gift is there to give anyone?  I hope you gift yourself with her yoga philosophy, style and teaching.






~ To my friend and yoga teacher Wendy J., Namaste.








"Breathing Awareness with Wendy J Yoga" : January 2011


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How was the identity for otonome born?
by Rhonna del Rio-Ascolese on 

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