c r a d l e b o x e s


~  c r a d l e b o x e s  ~



The cradle boxes are in collaboration with JwP Design,

a unique jewelry design company in Portland, Oregon.

Together they worked to unveil and celebrate the individuality, uniqueness and strengths of women.




JwP Design mission statement:


"This is a one-of-a-kind JwP design carefully handcrafted

to make you feel beautiful.  With every purchase of

a JwP design you are affecting change, one woman

at a time  through female employment opportunities

and generous charitable donations. 

Thank you and enjoy. Live the love."      

~JwP Design Founder, Rkay Pagh





~ The Concept~


It's an honor for otonome to have taken part in this movement -

The concept for JwP design celebrates the Woman's Body

Rhonna seeks to demonstrate what makes all women the same and

what makes each of us woman unique. She chose to construct the concept

with four essential ingredients; Structure, Heart, Skin and Touch. 



Structure (reclaimed wood):

Starting with the structure, wood pieces reclaimed from around the world is

the structure frame of each cradle. The first group is made of wood milled

directly from the northern island of the Philippines. The structure is supported

by a one inch module that interlocks to the different lengths that fit the necklaces.




Heart (music)

Inside each cradle box is a musical movement specially picked to greet each

woman with a melody that speaks the language of the necklaces.  




Skin (fabric):

Each cradle box is wrapped with two layers of skin. Expressing the skin of the

human body is resilient canvas clothes for the exterior helping to shelter the cradle. Inside, each fabric and unique hand stitching celebrates many characters and

presonalities each of us have. 




Touch (antique buttons): 

To complete each cradle, enduring antique buttons embrace the fabric together and is the prelude to JwP's exclusive way of latching the necklaces.

The outcome of each product is always a pleasing surprise to each involved.

Each cradle carries inside not only a beautiful ,striking and unique JwP necklace but also a story about each person who helped and made it all happen, one cradle at a time. 




To everyone who helped me in this exploration,


You are a social worker, a nurse, a factory worker, a corporate manager, a wife, a grandmother, a single mom, an artist, a college student, a teacher, a day dreamer, an accountant, a real estate agent and the list goes on.  You all are "the hands that made the cradles."


Also, many thanks also Terra Mai for your generous donation of the beautiful reclaimed wood. I am excited to develop a concept using wood that once gave flavor and character to wine.  



Wine Stained Oak - (Photos provided by Terra Mai)  



Such character and story all on it's own. The next group of cradle boxes is sure to hold true meaning as well.  



  With Respect andGratitude,

                                              Rhonna del Rio-Ascolese 






                         Introducing some favorites...


  All Cradle boxes- Copyright     Rhonna del Rio-Ascolese 2006 
















"The hands that made the cradles" - this was said to me

by one of the many women who has volunteered to lend a

hand and be a part of this movement.  The statement is very true. 

Each cradle box has story on its own. Different women from

different countries, from a teenager to a grandmother,

from a dedicated home maker to a corporate figure and from

a struggling artist to an ambitious day dreamer,

each of them carries their own light and each of them

have their own reason for volunteering in  this  movement.

Some enjoy the company of other women while sewing

and talking about life and some love working with a

variety of different fabrics for its colors and textures.

Other women are trying to get in touch with their creative

side and feel comfortable with hands on creativity and others

just love being a part of something simple that can potentially

touch many other lives around the world. 


For all the different

reasons each of the women have,

they are all part of the

same goal to empower

a mission that hopes to solve locally

and affect globally. 










The one below is

an absolute favorite

and have been


and donated

to help a fundraising

event for a child with cancer. 








Portion of the proceeds will be

donated to charitable

children and women organizations

seeking to renew and

give hope for the future.









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