Blog - Rhonna del Rio-Ascolese hourly 1 1970-01-01T00:00+00:00 RE: “Welcome your CHI as You would your Breath” <p class="plain">Great blog giving tips on staying healthy and fit and also has good recipes!</p> bryana 2015-01-21T12:53:53-08:00 RE: “Welcome your CHI as You would your Breath” “Welcome your CHI as You would your Breath” <p class="plain">I had the honor recently of being invited as a guest blogger for a wonderful individual "This Little Lark". </p><p class="plain"> </p><p class="plain"> </p><p class="plain"><font class="quote"><i>"Rhonna del Rio-Ascolese, a Los Angeles- based Designer and Feng Shui Consultant, is someone I’ve had the great pleasure in connecting with. In this special guest post, she will share her story, as well as some helpful tips to start incorporating some Feng Shui techniques in your life. Being in harmony, especially in the home, is essential for unwinding, maintaining a balanced and peaceful mood, and creating energetic space for optimum productivity. After reading, you will most likely be motivated to start experimenting in your own space ! : ) Enjoy! " <a link="" target="_blank" href="" class="quote">~This Little Lark</a></i></font></p><p class="plain"> </p><p class="plain"> </p><p class="plain">One morning in 2004, I took down a book I had for two years with no intention of reading it.  It was titled “Western Guide to Feng Shui - Room By<br>Room" by Terah Kathryn Collins.  I received this book two years prior<br>as gift from my father after graduating from Architecture school. <i> </i>I<br>proceeded to<i> </i>read the first page, then the next, then the next and<br>soon the sun had gone down.  I could not put this book down!  </p><p class="plain"><a link="" target="_blank" href="" class="plain">read more</a></p><p class="plain"> </p><p class="plain"><a link="" target="_blank" href="" class="plain"><img width="279" alt="" src='//' bmargin="0" height="190" daid="11604200" rmargin="0" tmargin="0" lmargin="0"></a> </p> Rhonna del Rio-Ascolese 2012-02-25T21:27:00-08:00 “Welcome your CHI as You would your Breath” RE: Drink More Water – It’s Good For You! <p class="plain"><a link="" target="_blank" href="http://" class="heading1"></a>I know I should drink more water it is so good for you, I drink about a 12 pack of diet coke everyday. But starting to drink more water.<br></p> The Diet Solution Program 2012-01-12T10:27:24-08:00 RE: Drink More Water – It’s Good For You! Power of Our Words <p align="left" class="plain">I was walking around my place tonight …just kickin' back ,<br>cleaning picking stuff up from the day’s run.  I was slightly bummed to<br>see one of the flowers on my desk looking a bit less inspired than the one next<br>to it. It was the “HMMMN, confused moment for me” I started to visit the others<br>tulips around the home…</p><p align="left" class="plain"> </p><p class="plain"></p><p class="plain"><b>T</b>hese tulips all came from the same bunch that I bought last<br>Saturday at our local Farmers Market. All were the same when I bought it.<br>All were still only buds and were all looking cute healthy and ready to bloom!<br>I subdivided them to 3 areas of our home.</p><p class="plain"> </p><p class="plain">First group is on my desk surrounded<br>by some paper work current to file (bills letters drawings) pile  no<br>clear inspiring words. The buds stayed as a bud with one drying up :(.</p><p class="plain"> <img width="300" src='//' bmargin="0" height="400" border="0" daid="10794922" rmargin="0" lmargin="0" tmargin="0"></p><p class="plain"> </p><p class="plain"> </p><p class="plain">Second group is over our TV with the huge "Thank<br>You" words. The buds bloosomed  reaching for each other so WIDE open that one petal gracefully landed to the bottom still healthy off of the stem :).</p><p class="plain"> <img width="300" src='//' bmargin="0" height="400" border="0" daid="10794923" rmargin="0" lmargin="0" tmargin="0"></p><p class="plain"> </p><p class="plain">Third group is by the front door with the Beautiful poem "The<br>Invitation" over it. same as the second group, all the buds blossomed so WIDE open. </p><p class="plain"> <img width="300" src='//' bmargin="0" height="400" border="0" daid="10794924" rmargin="0" lmargin="0" tmargin="0"></p><p class="plain"> </p><p class="plain">I hope we surround ourselves with only the most beautiful our thoughts and in our spaces.  It really does create our world. </p><p class="plain"> </p><p align="center" class="plain"><br><font class="plainsmall">"Power of Our Words" : October 2011</font> </p> Rhonna del Rio-Ascolese 2011-10-30T23:57:12-07:00 Power of Our Words What is Future City? <p align="center" class="plain"><a link="" target="_blank" href="" class="plain"><img width="274" src='//' bmargin="0" height="223" border="0" daid="10200521" rmargin="0" lmargin="0" tmargin="0"></a></p><a link="" target="_blank" href="" class="plain"></a><div align="left" class="plain"> </div><p class="plain"></p><p align="left" class="plain"> </p><p align="left" class="plain">Little Tokyo Design Week is one of the anticipated event this July 13 thru 17 here in Los Angeles. The question inspired by this event, “What is Future City?” is making architects, designers and same like minds imagine in all different directions.  I had the opportunity to answer this question in an interview or more so, ‘contemplate’ what this question hold for individual members of any City.  </p><p align="left" class="plain"> </p><p align="left" class="plain">So, what is Future City? My replies at first were trying to relate it to<br>Architecture, Urban planning, Going Green, etc…, but something felt somewhat voided or unnatural for me to only have been speaking in terms of  the physical form of this “Future City”. I believe that Future city is NOW and it is happening everyday!  It is happening thru the growing self awareness of everyone.  When we have this self awareness we can clearly see that everything can  become good,better or best!  The space that we are in is rehabilitated into the way we think.  Thru self awareness, the city will start to heal itself. When the city starts to heal itself, it naturally will provide the space for the essential elements to come back in and hearty daily kind of living will develop and grow everyday in the cities thru the people that live in them. What are these essential parts?  To me, the important parts of Future City is not solely made of things physically built by hands, they are also shaped by the qualities of how we see the space we are in. <br> </p><p align="left" class="plain">I look forward to an excellent collaboration of like minds during the Little<br>Tokyo Design Week.  I anticipate great  learning and valuable experience with different realms and characterization of what a Future City is or could be.   <a link="" target="_blank" href="" class="plain"></a> </p><p class="plain"> </p><p class="plain"><iframe width="400" frameborder="0" src="" height="225"></iframe><p><a link="" href="">LTDW: Rhonna del Rio-Ascolese</a> from <a link="" href="">LTDesignWeek</a> on <a link="" href="">Vimeo</a>.</p></p><p class="plain"> </p><p class="plain"> </p> Rhonna del Rio-Ascolese 2011-06-28T11:12:21-07:00 What is Future City? RE: "I Need To Clean Now!" <p class="plain">Thank you Lynn...I'm glad you enjoyed my blog about cleaning.  it's definitely great to be able to share here and I'm hoping to get back to my blogs this year.  Come back and visit for more fun things ahead.  </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">Bessings, Rhonna</p> Rhonna del Rio-Ascolese 2011-01-13T12:57:10-08:00 RE: "I Need To Clean Now!" Breathing Awareness with Wendy J Yoga <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain"><a link="" target="_blank" href="" class="heading1"><img width="137" align="left" src='//' style="margin: 15px 15px 15px 0px;float: left" bmargin="15" height="178" border="0" daid="6736235" rmargin="15" tmargin="15" lmargin="0"></a></p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">Meet my inspiring yoga teacher, Wendy Rhodes Garafalo of Wendy J Yoga! </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">Wendy’s class is something that I highly recommend for anyone who practices yoga already and want to experience new light and fresh perspective in the practice or those creating a curiosity about yoga and don’t know where or who to go to first?  If you want to be in a safe place for your yoga journey, I believe Wendy’s classes will give you a nurturing environment to explore who you are and chisel the body that you deserve! In just a few months, I realized I became toned in body areas that I didn't think was possible anymore after pregnancy.  However, for me, the physical aspect is only a bonus...I go to yoga because I become more aware of everything and nothing is taken for granted...therefore creating a gratitude for everything around me.  </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain"><img width="181" align="right" src='//' style="margin: 15px 0px 15px 15px;float: right" bmargin="15" height="116" border="0" daid="6736236" rmargin="0" tmargin="15" lmargin="15">Finding her and her classes was truly godsend.  In her classes, one can be blindfolded and still be able to do the poses.  Her vocal illustration during class shape or sculpt all poses in such an organic step by step detail. Wendy is able to carry her voice narrative of all the poses over to each student in class like a pair of hands adjusting each of us all the same time. She creates a safe haven in her classes where mind and body move dynamically in sync.  Wendy seamlessly merges breathing with all the poses with intent and as a result it had made me aware of my own breathing on and off the yoga mat…what better gift is there to give anyone?  I hope you gift yourself with her yoga philosophy, style and teaching.</p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain"><img width="189" align="left" src='//' style="margin: 15px 15px 15px 0px;float: left" bmargin="15" height="126" border="0" daid="6736237" rmargin="15" tmargin="15" lmargin="0"></p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">~ To my friend and yoga teacher Wendy J., Namaste.</p> <p class="plain"><u><font class="heading1"><a link="" target="_blank" href="" class="heading1"></a></font></u></p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p align="center" class="plain"><font class="plainsmall">"Breathing Awareness with Wendy J Yoga" : January 2011</font></p> <p class="plain"> </p> Rhonna del Rio-Ascolese 2011-01-13T10:07:26-08:00 Breathing Awareness with Wendy J Yoga How was the identity for otonome born? <p class="plain"><img width="801" src='//' bmargin="0" height="421" border="0" daid="6245741" title="" lmargin="0" rmargin="0" tmargin="0"></p> Rhonna del Rio-Ascolese 2010-09-07T00:00:33-07:00 How was the identity for otonome born? RE: "I Need To Clean Now!" <p class="plain">I so understand what you're saying. I get heavily involved in my computer work and feel like I'm going to <i>blow up</i>.  If I allow myself to go downstairs and attack one of my cleaning routines I start to feel like all my <i>pieces</i> are coming back together.</p><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">Having some control makes me feel better. When I clean I can see the dust on my duster not on my table anymore and the dog hairs on the floor magically disappear as my vacum sweeps them up.  My power starts to return as the dirt goes away. </div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">Thanks for sharing!</div><p class="plain"></p> lynn hahn 2010-08-29T21:26:17-07:00 RE: "I Need To Clean Now!" RE: "Yes" <p class="plain">I think everything you spoke about was true and i enjoyed it, keep up the good work</p> max 2010-04-09T15:45:38-07:00 RE: "Yes" RE: Drink More Water – It’s Good For You! <p class="plain"><font class="background">Some people just don't realize how much damage they do to their bodies when they drink so much caffeine. Water does act as both a replenisher and a purger.<br></font></p> Cindy 2010-03-21T06:05:11-07:00 RE: Drink More Water – It’s Good For You! "I Need To Clean Now!" <p class="plain">It usually begins with a heaviness, a feeling that you cannot focus.  Visually you are overwhelmed, your space is full of stuff, and this is reflected in your mental state.  Our inner landscape is nourished by our outer landscape; and the two coexist in symbiosis.  </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">Over the course of a day, we jump from one thing to the next, and suddenly, you have a stack of mail, a cup of coffee that has been reheated several times yet remains full – and is cold once again, forgotten in the microwave.  You see your valiant effort to stay on top of the clutter, evidenced by an abandoned broom in the corner.  Dust bunnies have accumulated under furniture, and it’s as though you can feel cobwebs forming in your own mind.  Your to do list remains unchecked, and all because your surroundings are in chaos – sometimes we’re so bogged down by the chaos we can’t even make the connection!</p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">And suddenly, like a mania, you spring into action.  “I NEED TO CLEAN NOW.”  That’s what I heard that day.  I sent my husband and my toddler out for a few hours to enjoy each other and bond, and as the front door clicked shut I stood in the middle of it all and let my mind’s gears begin to turn, faced with the task of taking charge of my living space.  And I knew that nothing else would get done, that this stagnant yet chaotic state would continue until I picked up, decluttered, and cleaned. </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">They say that “cleanliness is next to godliness.”  However you understand godliness, whether it’s a blissful state or an actual deity, it’s easy to see why this phrase was coined.  The beatific satisfaction of knowing all is right often results from an organized and clean home.  Things are in their right place, easy to find, reducing wasted time.  Systems automatically appear out of the chaos.  Inside, this resets our creativity.  Chi (or Qi) is flowing.  </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain"><a link="_EXT_" target="_blank" name="OLE_LINK2" class="plain"></a><a link="_EXT_" target="_blank" name="OLE_LINK1" class="plain">Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to begin.  I often start with playing some soothing music and lighting a candle. Then proceed by picking up things that are not where they belong (a very familiar concept for parents of young children!)  Just starting somewhere, by putting things in their proper place, gets it going.  Follow your instincts.  Usually the last phase is the actual cleaning of surfaces, such as wiping down furniture and mopping the floor.  By this time, your space is so much more open and free that giving it that last bit of sparkle is incredibly rewarding.  Choosing natural cleansers and aroma therapeutic scents (I’m currently in love with Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products) makes it a multi-sensory experience.  </a></p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">At this point, with still my soothing music and candle lit and soothing scent filling the entire place, I still had a little time left before my family returned from playtime, and starting rearranging some knick knacks and adding decorative touches to my work.  It was almost unbelievable that just a few hours before, I hardly knew where to begin!  Now I was having so much fun with my renewed energy (not coincidentally related to the reinstating of order in my home) that I wanted to do more!  Instead, I put on a cup of tea, took a deep breath of my clean and fresh smelling surroundings, and sat down and enjoyed the moment.</p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">And as I took it all in, sitting on my couch, sipping a cup of tea with full awareness, I had to laugh.  The one place I had forgotten to address was the microwave.</p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">As the front door opened, I dumped the cold remains of that cup of coffee down the drain and smiled to myself.  My daughter walked in, happy, exhilarated from play, and I was ready to give her my full attention.  I was ready to give my life my full attention.</p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p align="center" class="plain"><font class="plainsmall">"I Need To Clean Now"</font>  <font class="plainsmall">October 23, 2009</font>: </p> <p align="center" class="plain"><font class="plainsmall">rhonna del rio-ascolese with elizabeth wagstaff williams</font> </p> <p class="plain"></p> Rhonna del Rio-Ascolese 2009-10-23T14:49:47-07:00 "I Need To Clean Now!" RE: Drink More Of It – It’s Good For You! <p class="plain">"It IS the thought that counts"   thank you for sharing here Sarah.  <img width="21" src="" bmargin="0" height="21" border="0" title="" type="0" lmargin="0" rmargin="0" tmargin="0"></p> Rhonna del Rio-Ascolese 2009-10-05T10:54:56-07:00 RE: Drink More Of It – It’s Good For You! RE: Drink More Of It – It’s Good For You! <p class="plain">Thanks Rhonna for the reminder, my body let out water as I watched this, and left me a tear at the sight of the empty center of the anger water crystal. I love you and I am sorry for my thoughts lately, I love you Sarah.<br><br>Cheers. :)<br></p> Sarah Ascolese 2009-09-29T18:50:38-07:00 RE: Drink More Of It – It’s Good For You! Drink More Water – It’s Good For You! <p class="plain">I’m always so aware of water and its power on a day to day basis in my work, yet I don’t always take the time to drink water myself!  After a recent invigorating yoga class, we were told by the teacher to drink lots of water for the rest of the day as our bodies did their natural work of flushing out all of the toxins we had stirred up and needed to release.  I bought a bottle before I left the studio, and it tasted so amazing.  I envisioned the water working with my body, carrying away what was no longer needed, and rushing into the still pool within me that had, unfortunately, grown stagnant.  It felt great to no longer be a stagnant pool inside, but to feel hydrated by a river, rushing and moving within me.  I was a conduit for what I implement on a daily basis in my work; literally practicing what I preach!  </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">In Feng Shui, the element of water gets most of the attention.  When we consider the elements, it is usually the first one that comes to mind.  Why is this?  The concept of water is so powerful because of its associations.  It’s connected to intuition, peace, harmony and tranquility in its still form, and with flow and abundance in its moving form (yes, that would include cash flow).  The spectrum of blue is usually associated with the water element, naturally.</p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">I hasten to add that still water is not always synonymous with stagnancy; as stated above; still water is associated with intuition, peace and tranquility.  For this reason, still water has always resonated with me especially; but as in nature, both tranquil and rushing water have attributes that can benefit us.  It is only the extremes that can stifle or drown us, or our energies.</p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">Water has the ability to transform; this is evident in our bodies, by incorporating it into a space, or even witnessing its undeniable power in nature.  I’m also reminded of the book “The Hidden Messages In Water”, by Masaru Emoto.   His book was based upon the premise that water responds to beautiful words, intentions, music and prayer offerings.  Could we also have the ability to transform water?  Is it possible to have a symbiotic exchange with water?  With no other element is it more apparent.  Watch a plant spring back to life after getting a much needed watering.  Imagine your own body, cell by cell, doing the same thing.   Think about your body after a day at the shore, calmed and relaxed simply by being exposed to the ionic charge of sea water, what our own bodies are composed of by as much as sixty percent!  When we think about the effect the moon has on the tides, it’s also no wonder that the full moon has such a pull on us.  It’s simply our own internal tides shifting with those of the moon.</p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">Now, think about setting your own intention when dealing with water.  Before guzzling your next much needed glass of water, offer it an intention or a prayer.  Think of Masaru Emoto’s water crystals that have been exposed to beauty.  Have a relationship with water – it can go both ways.  </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">We are supposed to drink one half of our body weight in ounces of water, every day.  Are you doing this?  For example, a woman weighing 120 lbs. needs to drink 60 ounces per day.   And if you are drinking other beverages, such as coffee or soda, you need to add an equal amount on top of the required daily amount (for instance if our 120 lb. woman has a 10 ounce cup of coffee, she would add 10 more ounces to her 60 ounces = 70 ounces per day).   </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">In your home, you can incorporate water into your wealth sector in the form of a fountain, using blue colors, a fish tank or aquarium.  Don’t overdo it though, because too much of any one element can cause imbalance in any sector of the Ba Gua. The best approach would be to find out which element a particular area represents and find the element that nurtures and grows the element representing that particular area of your home or office.  </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">But, in terms of drinking water, especially because most of us don’t drink enough, it’s possible that the more you drink, the more you’ll find your body asking for it.  In Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa’s book, The Eight Human Talents, she says that if you want to attract more money into your life, drink more water.  I beleive in this because when we are healthy we think our best and do our best.  After I finished the bottle that I purchased after my yoga class, I drank lots more water that day in an effort to gain the full benefit of the detoxification and rejuvenation process.   It was as though I had drained the dirty, stagnant pool of water within me and allowed the rushing, dynamic, abundant flow of water replenish it. </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">And there I was, reunited with the beautiful, still pool of shimmering water that I have come to realize needs tending.  The still pool within me, where I go when I need a moment of peace, tranquility or to tap into my intuition.</p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">Perhaps we really can have a relationship with water.  Drink more of it – it’s good for you! </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p align="center" class="plain"><object width="425" height="344"><param value="" name="movie"></param><param value="true" name="allowFullScreen"></param><param value="always" name="allowscriptaccess"></param><embed allowfullscreen="true" width="425" allowscriptaccess="always" src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" height="344"></embed></object></p> <p align="center" class="plain"> </p> <p align="center" class="plain"> </p> <p align="center" class="plain"> </p> <p align="center" class="plain"> </p> <p align="center" class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p align="center" class="plain"><font class="plainsmall">"Drink More Of It – It’s Good For You! "</font>  <font class="plainsmall">September 29, 2009</font>: </p> <p align="center" class="plain"><font class="plainsmall">rhonna del rio-ascolese with elizabeth wagstaff williams</font> </p> <p class="plain"></p> Rhonna del Rio-Ascolese 2009-09-29T17:33:05-07:00 Drink More Water – It’s Good For You! RE: "It Doesn’t Matter How. You Need To Do This Now" <p class="plain">Well said! It's so easy to talk ourselves out of the effort that will do the most for us. When I talk to a reluctant friend who is having the same problem with getting to their exercise routine, I always say, "We have to be our own Moms!" Most of us who've had nuturing moms understand that analogy. Love your blog! Keep writing.<br><br>Peace,<br>Crystal<br></p> Crystal 2009-09-24T02:51:31-07:00 RE: "It Doesn’t Matter How. You Need To Do This Now" RE: "It Doesn’t Matter How. You Need To Do This Now" <p class="plain">Jaime,  I'm very happy you soaked in the message I wish to pass along here.  I beleive there is a transition, a dimension or say a rite of passage that moms like us walk into overnight,  to nine months, to a year and the year after that and so on.  If we remain stagnant, immobile and idle  we deplete over time and we can only nurture others as long as our present resources can supply.  If we continously supply our resources with feeding ourselves the same energy we give to others then we develop fully into our unique selves.</p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">Thank you for your comment and I'm excited for your unique you to shine through.  </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain"> </p> Rhonna del Rio-Ascolese 2009-09-23T14:23:22-07:00 RE: "It Doesn’t Matter How. You Need To Do This Now" RE: "It Doesn’t Matter How. You Need To Do This Now" <p class="plain">Thank you, Rhonna, for inspiring me to do something for myself. I know it's easy to lose myself in the midst of a busy schedule. You've reminded me that by taking care of myself I am also taking care of those around me. <br></p> JamieLipson 2009-09-23T09:40:38-07:00 RE: "It Doesn’t Matter How. You Need To Do This Now" "It Doesn’t Matter How. You Need To Do This Now" <p class="plain">When one has a moment of inspiration, something happens.  The inspiration takes hold and all areas of our lives have the potential to be touched by it.  The inspiration may have been something so small, that if we weren’t tuned in we might not hear it, or perhaps even discount it.  The whisper of the muse, the feeling you can get from a song, a certain turn in the weather, a call from a dear friend, catching a moment between strangers – the list goes on.  But what one deed triggers can be infinite – just like those commercials where one good deed begets another.  </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">Feeling invigorated by my trip to Austin, I decided to resume and return to my yoga practice.  Out there where the sky goes on for miles, it was like gulping lungful after lungful of air, all the perceived shackles of stress around my diaphragm released and my body remembered the last time it felt that way.  In that expansive place on my way home, I decided I would get myself to a yoga class at my earliest opportunity.  </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">And yes, I returned home and resumed the rest of my life – it would have been too easy to ignore the spark of inspiration, the tiny voice inside me that was testing its new microphone -  “hello?  I thought we were going to yoga!  hello?  testing…one, two, three…”, as part of what I realized on my mini retreat was that I don’t take enough time to water my own garden, especially as the mother of a toddler.  Heeding that voice inside, recognizing it for what it was – the voice of inspiration – I checked the schedule at Exhale (formerly known as Sacred Movement) in Venice, California.  </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">On the way there, I could have made several excuses, all leading back to what becomes routine: not committing to meet your own needs.  The voice of inspiration can easily be drowned out by the strum and drang of the daily grind: schedules, bank statements, traffic, phone calls…being an introspective person by nature, it would be very easy for me to retreat into the haven of my own home and not venture out unless it was absolutely necessary.  “It’s necessary”, the voice inside me said.  I drove on, past an accident, glancing at the dashboard.  I anticipated being late; perhaps I should turn around?  I tuned back in.  “It will be fine – I’m halfway there.  What would it be like if I gave in now?”  </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">Tuning in is another intuitive tool I use all day, in my work and personal life.  How would it feel?  Our own guidance systems often hold the answer.  “Get there.  It doesn’t matter how.  You need to do this now.”  I drove on.</p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">I made it there, and stepped into class.  I met eyes with the teacher in a silent apology and hand gesture for being late and she silently communicated her welcome with a smile.  I unrolled my mat and settled into my practice.  </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">Of course, I’m grateful to the teacher, Keri, who taught the class, who reassured me without words that I had come to the right place and encouraged me to leave the noise behind as I stepped onto the mat.   But in an effort to acknowledge my part in this, to empower myself, I feel proud of myself for showing up.</p> <p class="plain">As the noise clears, I realize all the areas that are touched in my life by simply following my bliss.  My family, career, friendships bloom.  My home flourishes as inspiration ripples out from me in the form of integrating more beauty and harmony.  Balance appears, tangibly and intangibly, inside me and manifests outside of me, in my work.  My intuition, a muscle in an of itself, strengthens and finds the courage to ask for more, to speak louder for what it needs, getting me back to another class.  I expand outward, feeling bliss grow like petals on a lotus flower.  I remember what I loved about my practice before I became a mother and had to learn to give of myself.  I was learning to strike a balance, yet again, between give and take.</p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">Needless to say, the journey I took over the following ninety minutes transported me beyond the brief and chaotic journey I took to get there in my car.  In connecting with myself, in meeting my own needs, I cancelled out the other noise that daily life tends to turn up, and had a dialogue with inspiration.  I went within and gave inspiration my full attention.  I gave myself to myself.  There’s no greater gift.  </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">The benefits of this gift are enormous.  Just like those commercials – except the exchange is between you and yourself.  But when you do this, everyone around you benefits. And this good deed is passed along to anyone that has the good fortune to cross your path when you do exactly what your heart tells you to do in any given moment.  </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”  - Anais Nin</p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p align="center" class="plain"><font class="plainsmall">"It Doesn’t Matter How.  You Need To Do This Now"</font>  <font class="plainsmall">September 22, 2009</font>: </p> <p align="center" class="plain"><font class="plainsmall">rhonna del rio-ascolese with elizabeth wagstaff williams</font> </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain"></p> Rhonna del Rio-Ascolese 2009-09-22T22:15:06-07:00 "It Doesn’t Matter How. You Need To Do This Now" RE: "Yes" <p class="plain">Hi Ozzy,  Yes i know what you are talking about.  There is always that blur boundary between the person visiting and the land.  Because it is like meeting someone new and if you like that "someone"  you leave it with a smirk like smile because you have this funny feeling you will visit it again and again   and so.....I much rather enjoy the cicadas chirping than follow the tour map guide.  </p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">thank you for sharing your thoughts here as well :)</p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">Rhonna</p> Rhonna del Rio-Ascolese 2009-09-19T21:38:15-07:00 RE: "Yes"