feng shui service + fee


What can otonome help you with?


Multiple support  for Feng Shui practitioners:


  • Existing Floor plan analysis and documented recommendations and adjustments.
  • Help for home seekers or real estate finders.
  • Designing  new or existing  floor plans to follow the art and philosophy of Feng Shui.
  • Placement of furniture that brings balance and harmony to the users.
  • Enhancing a specific area in someone's life including:  Family, wealth, health, travel/mentor, children/creativity, knowledge, fame/reputation, career and love/marriage.
  • Wall art base on Feng Shui principles.
  • and more...please email or call for specific questions.



What happens during the Feng Shui consultation? 


  • We meet at your home or place of business or any space you need the consultation conducted in.
  • We walk around your home or office for analysis.
  • We  talk about each space and the BA GUA
  • We will sketch out a rough floor plan to show you how your space is subdivided using the Ba Gua and discuss any questions and concerns.
  • (If requested to add to consultation package for additional fee- please inquire as fee for this depends on size of the floorplan) I will draw up and  include an AutoCAD diagram of your floor plan with overlay and notes of the 9 sectors of the BA GUA.
  •  PDF document for BAGUA  frame of reference will be emailed or mailed to you at the earliest convenience.
  • Most importantly, I make myself available to you via phone or email should anything be unclear in the documents or should any other questions arise soon after our meeting.

     NOTE: Phone and/or email feng shui consultation  follows a different format and process. Please call or email for details.




Below is a sample of a portion of the document you will receive for additional fee.




Above is an example of what a single line floor plan diagram looks like with the Ba Gua over laid to show where the areas are located.






How much does Feng Shui consultation cost?




SPECIAL 2015 OFFER at 50% discounted hourly rate. (Some limitation applies, please send all inquiries to yogaandartjourney@gmail.com)



Private Consultation:


  • Hourly  feng shui consultation  rate $108.00
  • Fixed rate based on the square footage.

~ 1 bedroom apartment - $360.00

single story, 2-3 bedroom house - $450.00

2 story  4-5 bedroom house -  $540.00

commercial or business consultation is proportionate to the fee structure of houses.


Workshops in groups of 3 or more:


  • Workshop 101: Feng Shui your Office and Home - Call for fees and details.
  • Workshop 102: Extpanded - How To Apply  BA Gua to different floor plans - Call for  fees and details
  • Other Workshops...If you and a group of people 5 or more would like to review certain specific areas, I can create a custom workshop to cater to your needs. 


- Please email all inquiries to  yogaandartjourney@gmail.com





All fees are  subject to change annually.


Cost of travel will be added to consultations outside the Los Angeles area. Additional hour fees will be added upon client's request for additional time outside the allotted time for the fixed rate.  


Some clients only wants a room adjusted which then the fee will be reduced accordingly. In order to have a more precise quote, please email me a description of the space you need the consultation for. 

Phone and/or email feng shui consultation  follows a fee structure and process. Please call or email for details. 


 "I love doing what I do, therefore I am open to hear other ideas for fee structure to help you get on the right path for Harmony and Balance.  Let's hear what you have in mind!"  ~r dRA




"The Red Envelope Tradition"


The Red Envelope Tradition is part of the ancient Chinese culture and ritual.

Red Envelopes containing fee for the Feng Shui consultation seals symbolically the full circle of giving and protects the sacred knowledge and Karma between practitioner and client.  The effort of the client in putting together the red envelope creates within itself the "intention" which is one of the main and important key in Feng Shui.  It demonstrates the sincerity of the person asking for the Feng Shui advice and it reminds us practitioners the responsibility that comes with the sacred knowledge that's been handed down for generations.  It helps activate the adjustments symbolically for both

the client and practitioner.


After each consultation, I am handed one or nine of these new red envelopes (it's up to each client in what quantity they want to give back). As I mentioned earlier - the effort placed in putting together the envelope(s) demonstrates the client's "intention" to receive the Feng Shui adjustments;

However, on occasion clients run out of time even though the intention was there originally to make or buy the envelopes themselves; Rest assured,

- should this happen, I will have them with me (complimentary for your use).

It is your initial thought that will carry over as the good intention.  Sometimes

clients give me one envelope with a check for the full fee plus some denominations of coins equaling to the most auspicious number 9 (for example, 9 pennies or a nickel +4 pennies=9).  Sometimes, I receive 9 new red envelopes and inside each envelope are paper currency or coins summing to denominations of the number 9.

It's up to each client how he/she would like to create the intention, so long as it's inside the red envelope and sums to the auspicious number 9!


Please email inquiries to yogaandartjourney@gmail.com