Words could not adequately express the positive emotional
and psychological effects remodeling my home has had on me, and I am very grateful
to Rhonna for this. 


Feng shui interior design appeals to me because it looks peaceful, relaxed and flowing.  My house carried a lot of negative memories and did not really express me, so I thought I would consult a feng shui
designer to make minor changes to my house.

I contacted Rhonna not only because she is a certified feng shui designer but also because she is an experienced architectural interior designer.  I absolutely enjoyed working with Rhonna.  She is very professional, pleasant, positive, patient, respectful and intuitive.  She also has attention to detail.  Rhonna transformed my home into a retreat where each corner of the room brings me joy.  There is no waking up on the wrong side of the bed!!!


I can describe the physical changes to each room, but what's priceless for me is the
enlightenment, self-discovery, healing and growth I got in the process.  How in the world can redecorating have such an effect?  As an example, just my simple choice of photographs for a wall, through Rhonna's comments, I realize that I live in the past and that I have forgotten/lost myself!



I'd say I received more than what I paid for and am very satisfied with the result.  Thank you so much, Rhonna.  I don't know what to say but WOW! 

~Flor S., Superior Court Reporter, California



"Rhonna is one of the best things that have happened to my family and me. She has such a great, contagious, positive spirit that radiates in your home. She is patient, extremely thorough, and has an instinctive eye for design. Her consultations have vastly improved the lives within our house. Everyone was floored on all the changes and beauty of our home and its shift of energy. It feels like a different house, so much warmer, and we feel the difference when we come home every day. She helped bring balance to the rooms and home at large and focused on vitality, financial health, relationships, mind-body health, clarity, and productivity. The recommendations she gives to clients are chosen specifically for each unique situation. She took rooms that were very dated in style and color and made recommendations that have made a room that was rarely used before into a room that now has a personality and soul. The whole family loves sitting and occupying spaces in the house that they didn’t before. The family feels supported and more at ease within their environment through the colors and feng shui cures she’s recommended. She also has an amazing intuitive sense that guides the client to a fresh new look and outlook that supports their future. Her advice is filled with methods that are easy to implement and integrate."


Working with Rhonna was a lot of fun and very inspiring. She was so generous with her knowledge, patience and time with me. She’s accessible and was even available if I needed a quick "cure" to set things in new directions. I couldn't just "recommend her to family and friends" I have to DEMAND they use her because no one can afford to be without her service. Rhonna’s service is worth ten times more than the price for what is happening at my home and life. I am ever so grateful I know her.

 ~ Steffani S. ,  Professional / Fullerton California


                                           Before                                                                                After



"I am a writer, living in Los Angeles.  This year brought us many gifts including my first television writing credit and a new home.  Then, shortly after moving into our first home and decorating the show I was working on was cancelled and I found myself unemployed for almost seven months.  Television is seasonal so I was patient but I could feel my connections drying up. the phone stopped ringing. No one wanted to read my samples, it was the economy my agent said.  No one is hiring.  I felt a lack of control. I wanted to  build momentum again. I wanted people to talk about me, to read and respond to my writing and get excited about my work again.  My sister came over and said she thought it might be helpful if we examined the Feng Shui in our new home.  We read about the Bagua maps and tried to do it ourselves, but soon realized that the strange layout in my home was confusing us.  My sister found Rhonna and she was so kind to come by and help us.  She was kind and considerate, informative and genuinely wanted to help me.  She immediately found my career Bagua- it was located where the kitchen and guest bath meet. There were a total of 5 drains in my career bagua. Literally my career had been going down the drain since the day we moved in.  She helped me remedy these areas and showed me how to build my wealth corners and enabled me to feel a real sense of control again. And I am finding results quickly. My agents called two days later.  My script has been sent out for review to four people. The tide had turned, I can feel it. And it's all thanks to Rhonna.  I cannot thank her enough for this sense of peace she has provided me. Please tell everyone."

~Rachel Mellon, Writer Los Angeles California 


Before and After ~ Love / Marriage Area



In collaboration with Jennifer (Flanagan) Barguiarena - LA Stylist



Before and After ~ Health Area







"Rhonna is a warm and caring person who is fun to work with.

Using the principals of Feng Shui and the nine centers of the bagua

she showed us how we could transform our rather

challenging home into a happy, creative, flowing space.

I found her both knowledgeable and intuitive. Thank you Rhonna!"

~ Kate Woodville Albert, Actress Portland, Oregon


Before and After ~ Wealth Area







Before and After ~ Self Cultivation Area






“One afternoon visit, Rhonna educated me about the corners of my home and which corner was for energy purposes. I realized that my financial corner is where I had my junk and soon to be used items for the yard, etc. I have been in my house for almost four years now and had a semi successful business for almost 3 years. As of November of 2008, I began to feel the sluggish times coming to knock on my business door.  I began to look for avenues that would help boost my business and I remembered Rhonna's tour of my home corners and decided to purge, clear and clean up my financial corner. I also changed my attitude for the better and decided to not go down with the economic ship that so many seemed to be boarding without a fight or squawk. Since mid February of this year, I have been wealthy with new projects and a new business venture that I believe is my niche that I have been looking to fulfill in the design field. Our clean wealth corner of the house/yard is now a great place for my family and I to take a moment to reflect, visit and enjoy each other while sipping on a cool glass of lemonade: cheers all.” 

~ Sarah A. -  Designer, San Diego California



Before and After ~ Activating the burner for wealth.






Before and After ~ Fame and Reputation Area







Before and After ~ Wealth Area






"When I first moved into my studio, I had things randomly placed and the clutter was piled up.The space was draining the energy and every time I walked into the room, I felt uneasy.The first time Rhonna stepped into the space, she quickly suggested some simple moves and I felt the energy of the room completely shift.  “Everything has its place” she said, and once we activated the wealth corner, the flow of energy began attracting abundance immediately.  Thanks for bringing the balance back into my life Rhonna.  I am forever grateful."

~ Ozzy Garcia - Designer / Entrpreneur, California






"Rhonna’s passion and knowledge of Feng Shui is apparent the moment you speak with her.  She takes the time to listen to her clients’ individual needs and helps prioritize the areas in their personal and professional life where Feng Shui will be most impactful.   After our first meeting, I immediately felt positive energy and a newfound sense of harmony and direction even before making a single change.  After implementing some of the changes Rhonna recommended, I saw major improvement in the areas that she and I targeted.  Rhonna is patient and flexible and allows her clients to discover for themselves, at their own pace, how Feng Shui can create balance and harmony in their lives. "

~Alexandra Chrisman, co-founder - Flex Loan Funding, Inc.



"I have always been blessed with work. However, no matter how much money I bring in it seems I spend more than I make---be it necessary spending or not, I somehow manage to spend more.  Rhonna was visiting one weekend when she noted the wealth section of our house as ____.  Needless to say she suggested a very minor change in the wealth corner.  I was very hesitant as it did not make sense to me on how that little change can help.  One day while re-decorating our home I thought Rhonna’s suggestion would actually make a good décor.  Excited to decorate my home, I went to the store immediately and bought the item for less than $10.  Like magic, $$ has never been better.  I took her advice for another reason, and still the energy flowed well where it should.  Since the minor change in our wealth corner I have not only managed my spending better but $$ brought in has been better as well."

~ Rae D., UCI Medical Center, California


"For years, I was concerned about my 2 kids constantly in dispute with each other.  Rhonna and I reviewed the floor plan she drew of my house and she observed what was causing this conflict in our home. Since I’m thousands of miles away from home she advised me to manifest the remedy we talked about in my mind.

I went to bed and visualized what Rhonna recommended.  I imagined it already fixed ,

done and completed;  A few days later I received an email from my son and in his email he wrote “Mom, Karen and I are now really getting along.

” I am very thankful for Rhonna’s undemanding remedy with instantaneous result."

~ Lorna C. – Business owner, Philippines



“rhonna... i definitely feel something in my head changed, the way i see things and trying to have a positive energy about what i do in my life has changed a bit. trying to be more aware and thoughtful of the choices i make and staying positive...

~ Brenda Canette - Designer, Echo Park California