Rhonna del Rio, AIA Associate, CFSP





What the clients are saying...


"... I absolutely enjoyed working with Rhonna.  She is very professional,
pleasant, positive, patient, respectful and intuitive.  She also has attention to detail. Rhonna transformed my home into a retreat where each corner of the room brings me joy. There is no waking up on the wrong side
of the bed!!! 
...what's priceless for me is the enlightenment, self-discovery, healing and growth I got in the process. How in the world can redecorating have such an effect? "  

~Flor S., Superior Court Reporter, Ca

I can't recommend this strongly enough. Rhonna is working WONDERS in our home! If you have even the slightest curiosity about how to enliven and invigorate your life with balance that is custom tailored to you, your dreams, your home space, your workspace, please get in touch with Rhonna (the yogi/artist of Yoga and Art Journey) for a consultation. You'll be sooo happy you did!

~Jennifer W., PhD, Yoga Teacher

"...Working with Rhonna was a lot of fun and very inspiring. She was so generous with her knowledge, patience and time with me. She’s accessible and was even available if I needed a quick "cure" to set things in new directions. I couldn't just "recommend her to family and friends" I have to DEMAND they use her because no one can afford to be without her service. Rhonna’s service is worth ten times more than the price for what is happening at my home and life. I am ever so grateful I know her."
~ Steffani S. , Professional / Fullerton California


"Rhonna is an amazing Feng Shui consultant with a keen eye
for color, furniture placement, and she ultimately creates a harmonious and
beautiful environment! I have had four consultants come to my home, and Rhonna
has created the most profound change. I would use her many times over, and have
recommended her to all my friends!!!!! Her price is also very reasonable for
her expertise!!!"  

~Susan F., Yoga Teacher and Life Coach, Santa Monica, Ca



Don't wait another day...contact Rhonna - yogaandartjourney@gmail.com