How to Feng Shui a Bedroom


an  interview by Valeria Buldini



The bedroom is our ultimate inner sanctum, where we recharge our body and spirit, it's also the room where we spend one third of our life, so why not try to make it  a little healthier? In this interview designer Rhonna Del Rio Ascolese shows us how to:


        What is a good Feng Shui for a bedroom?

Good Feng Shui in the bedroom depends on where it is located in your floor plan. In general though, pairs of things in the bedroom is a good recommendation so the energy between the couple are balanced and in harmony of each other. If  a bedroom belongs to a single person who is looking to find a partner or start a relationship, then having both sides  of the bed away from the wall and allowing two ways to get on the bed will be one example of an adjustment I would do.  As I mentioned earlier it really depends on where this bedroom falls inside the floor plan/ Ba Gua.  For example; if the bedroom falls in the career area then I would also include elements that can enhance the career but balance it carefully with what a bedroom can do to enhance romance and good relation with the significant other. Feng Shui for a child’s bedroom has another approach and that also depends on what area it falls in the floor plan / Ba Gua.


        How should we arrange the furniture in the bedroom?

In general, the bed should always be in command position meaning, one should see who is coming into their space.  A mirror in the bedroom can be used to reflect the door to see who is coming if it is impossible to place the bed in command position.  The lights and nightstands are great to be balanced on both sides of the bed.  Some prefer to not have complete pairs of these things so in that case finding balance between them using scale and height or same texture and complimenting colors that exhibits balance on each side of the bed is also a good adjustment(s) that one can do for their bedroom.


        Is it better to have carpet or wood floor in the bedroom?

It depends also where in the floor plan the bedroom is located.  In general it does not matter because one can bring in elements to counter balance too much wood or carpet.  The taste or style of the user and their thoughts and intention that they bring in each time in the room really plays a big part in Feng Shui.  For example; if one really prefers the wood floor then they will smile each time they come into their bedroom and the energy of happiness fills the space.


        What color should the furniture, walls and curtains in the bedroom be?

It depends what area and what element that area represents also.  Bedrooms in general ask for relaxing combination of textile, furniture and colors.  If the bedroom falls in the love/marriage sector of the Ba gua then in general colors red, white and some pink (accents like a live flower) recommended.


        How much does it cost to Feng Shui a bedroom?

Minimum can be $0 by using materials you already have and just need the art of placement.  Maximum can go as high as the client wants…really depends on their budget from complete remodel or simple relocation of existing furniture, textiles decoration etc.  However much the cost, it has to be within the comfort level and willingness of the client.


        When you get hired to Feng Shui a bedroom, what is your working process?

If  I’m only hired to do a bedroom, I base it on my hourly fee (minimum 1 hr) + cost of travel


                    How long does it take to Feng Shui a bedroom?

To Feng Shui a bedroom can take from 10 mins to several hours depending on the condition of the bedroom. For example if a bedroom is filled with too many extra (clutter) then it can take several hours to clear out. However, the client can do the foot work on the cluttering and I can come in to help with the art of placement such as walking existing art work or furniture or textiles already inside the house and relocating them per clients comfort level of approval.