How to Feng Shui The Bathroom


an interview by Valeria Buldini


The bathroom sometimes gets a bad reputation; depending on the context, it’s sometimes deserved. With its three drains - the toilet, the sink and the tub/shower - the bathroom is a powerful “draining” area where chi - the positive energy in Feng Shui - can literally and rapidly exit the space and create a negative effect on the balance of the entire home.  Below, designer Rhonna del Rio- Ascolese will show us that there are ways to reduce the negative aspects and make the bathroom yet another balanced part of your home.


What is the ideal location for a bathroom in a house?


Locating the bathroom where two sectors of the Bagua come together will symbolically make the bathroom “disappear.”


Is there a bad location to have a bathroom in a house?


The worst place that the bathroom can be located is the health sector which typically falls squarely in the middle of any floor plan.  Another location to avoid placing a bathroom is the wealth sector, which would be the far left corner of the floorplan when standing at the front entrance.


If one has a bathroom in these areas, does Feng Shui prescribe any remedies to offset the imbalance?


Yes, rest assured that if you are sitting there realizing your bathroom is in the center of your floor plan, don’t panic!  There are ways to adjust your condition so that you may keep the energy flowing through and not exiting down the drains in your bathroom. 


Even when the location is good, are there tips we can follow to make the bathroom more attractive?


Yes!  My number one rule of thumb is to keep the toilet seat down!  This helps to block the draining energy.  My second recommendation is to hang a crystal on a  red string or clear fishing line centered between the drains - about 1 1/2 feet from the wall and hanging from a cord measured in increments of 1,3,9,12 or 18 inches.  My third important rule of thumb is to keep the doors to the bathroom closed at all times.  There are many other adjustments we can do, but it all depends on where the bathroom is located within the Bagua, and it’s important to address each situation for its unique properties. 



What is a good decor for our bathroom?


Elements that can come into play, decoration wise depends on the location of the bathroom.  There are colors and elements that correspond to different sectors that I like to work with.


What are the perfect bathroom Feng Shui colors?


In general, a good color for bathrooms is white.  Depending on where this bathroom is located we can incorporate colors that represent the element that would grows or nurture and support that element.  For example, if the bathroom happens to fall in the wealth area, we would incorporate the element of wood and colors representative of that sector – black, blue green.  The worst colors would be any color representing an element that opposes, eats from or controls the element the bathroom is in. 


What are the perfect bathroom Feng Shui shapes for toilet, sink and fixture?


In general it is advisable to avoid shapes that depicts poison arrows.  Poison arrows also known as “shar” or negative energy are shapes that are pointed or have sharp edges.


When planning a new bathroom, how should we arrange the sink, the toilet and the electrical outlets?


There really is no right way of placing these items, with the exception that I would avoid placing them in the back area as you walk in.  Each room also has a miniature and complete Bagua within it, meaning that the back area of the bathroom corresponds to the three sectors representing wealth, fame and reputation, and love and marriage, respectively.  These sectors are all or partly represented by the Fire element, or the color red.  So, placing the drains and the water gushing in the back area of bathroom would be best avoided.  As for electrical outlets in the bathroom; building codes require certain heights/distance and certain types such as ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) and one must comply according to their building code requirements.