Office interview



an interview by Valeria Buldini



Since your office, either your home study or a cubicle in a corporate office, is the place to generate income, it is crucial to set it up so that the energy flows without creating any disturbance and  your mind is kept clear. Designer Rhonna Del Rio - Ascolese will give us some tips on how to feng shui your workplace today and make it supportive with your productivity.


What is the main piece of the office furniture?


it's not really "one" main piece but more so in how every piece in the space is working well with and for each other


Where should we locate the desk?


It should be "in command" position facing the door and making sure the person's back is not facing the door . Although if this is unavoidable as most cubicles are, there is a remedy of placing a mirror in front of them so that they may see what is coming from behind them. There are severale positions the desk can be. There is a best, a good and a poor position, it all depends on the layout of each space room.


What is an ideal  Feng Shui material for an office furniture?


It depends on what area of he Bagua an office is located on. Each area represents a certain element in a wealth/power area but is also enhanced by water for nurture of wealth. However, if an office is located, let's say, in the center of the Bagua, then wood and water will be avoided as the dominant pieces for it will make the "health sector" too watery or "muddy" and pierced. It is important to make sure that the person knows where the office is located within the Bagua so that he/she may use the appropriate elements to create the balance and harmony it needs


What is the best size for a Feng Shui office desk?


Typically it is adisable to have a desk that appears strong and durable and proportionate to the person using the desk. For example: thin legs may give acertain weal foundation for the business


What is the best shape to use for an office desk?


The shape of the desk depends on the position it is in the space. I would though avoid pointed sharp corners.


What colors in an office are more appropriate?


Colors for the office and desks are also depending on where the office is located withn the Bagua of the entire office buildinf and office room. However green is known to represent wood which is known as the element of wealth and blue as the water nurturing the wealth


How did you Feng Shui your own office?


Being a work from home mother, I have it balanced with the aesthetic and feel of my home. I am always in command position and I reposition certain items in certain order based on what I need "more" balance with from week to week or day to day.