Hello Everyone,


I wanted to take this chance and write a personal description of what otonome is about.  Not from a third person but from myself directly.


The name o t o n o m e was derived from the word "autonomy" : the condition or quality of being autonomous; independence; self determined.  I  put to practice my freedom to choose to explore the many avenues of design and creativity.  Many times people forget that there is the freedom to choose what it is they really want to do in life.  People are born and are set out in society with titles and milestones to aim after or accomplish.  Over time people loose themselves in it and suddenly it becomes numbing and one cannot identify who she or he is set to be. 






I beleive architecture is everything around us and that it is beyond buildings and the sunstantial things.   Architecture to me is all forms of creativity.  To put a list of things under it is restricting to it's complete meaning.