Technical in-depth overview




How can you tell where the bagua are in the living space?  

Using Form School Feng Shui, we orient the Bagua according to the mouth of chi (good energy) which is the main door of the house and each room.  We then divide the space of the entire house (each level and each room also gets their own Bagua) and proceed from there.  There are 9 sectors in a Bagua and each sector is always on the same orientation within the Bagua and each area represents an Element (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water)


How do you decide what is the best solution to improve the areas that need to be improved?

My decision as to what specific adjustments need to be made is solely based on the client’s comfort level.  I make adjustments using the elements and style the client already has.  Feng Shui really is about the “Art of Placement” which ties in so well with my Architecture education, so I feel very natural about it.     


Can you explain the changes you made at Rachel's house?  


The objects I had placed for Rachel are simple representation of these Elements (by shape and color).  For example: The element for the Wealth area is wood. Wood element is represented by columnar shape (trunk of a tree) and the color green. I asked Rachel to place the green scarf on a tall floor mirror as a way to immediately activate the space. The same idea was used for the bowl of green apples in her kitchen’s wealth area. Wealth can be represented with anything “bountiful”.   She had an antique Venice picture in her creative sector and she had mentioned the lack of inspiration about writing in recent months. By placing her own creative art work in the creative sector, it helps balance her as a writer and helps activate her creative nature. The Venice picture given by her mom was relocated to her Mentor and Travel area, it was a great combination of adjustments because she looks up to her mom for advise (mentor) and the imagery of Venice is for travel, a place she wants to visit one day she said.